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PURRadise Deluxe Lodging For Cats

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It is most unfortunate however, people who pick up their cats and then don't transfer or pay for their invoice has cost us greatly over the past 6 months. While most of our fur baby parents are responsible and trustworthy, it is the few that are not that have forced us to require a government issued photo ID and a valid credit card on check in. Parents can still chose a payment option that works best for them but if things do not happen as expected we will need this back up information. Our regular repeat fur families will not experience any changes. We thank you for your understanding.

Requirement for Boarding and Rates


All we require is that your kitty has verification that they have had their required vaccinations and be on a current course of flea protection.

Vaccinations required are: 

Indoor Cats that do not go outside require FVRCP  (protects against respiratory diseases and Distemper)

ALL outdoor/indoor cats require the FVRCP AND and FELV (Feline Leukemia) vaccines.  

We will have you sign a consent form and release when you check in and it is expected that parents will check out on the date pre determined unless extraordinary events occur. Any kitties left behind for more than 2 weeks without contact from their parents/designated contact person will be viewed as adoptable.

Pick up and Drop Off Rates

- Pick up or drop off from home $35

- Pick up or drop off from Airport $45

- Early or after hours pick up $30

-If your Kitty gets ill he/she will be taken to your vet as pre arranged - if no arrangements have been made, we will take your kitty to the Nanaimo Clinic For Cats where our Veterinarian is located. We pay the vet at time of service and will collect from you after.

*If it is required that the staff transport your kitty to the vet for either scheduled treatment or emergency treatment a fee of $20 per direction will apply.

We welcome you to tour our facility and when you check in you are welcome to bring as many personal items as the condo will allow to make your feline feel at home.

Rates for Boarding

- Regular Condo $22/night

- Super Condo $35/night (these units are reserved for 2 or more kitties with maximum of 4 kitties)

- 1st extra Kitty $5/night

- 3rd Kitty $5/night

- 4th kitty $4/night

-For stays over 4 nights we will require a 50% deposit

- Stays over 4 weeks long will b e discounted 15%

- We accept Visa, Master Card, Debit or cash

Other Services

- Insulin or other injectables $3/item (oral medications $2 per day)

- Advantage Flea Control  $18

- Injectable supplements (eg B12)

   $3/item plus cost of supplement

- Stay in Touch program - a variety

  of options are available for you to be

  able to keep in touch with your fur

  baby while you are away